Friday, 29 July 2011


 Real Shark Tooth Necklace - £40.00
 Arrow Necklace - £30.00
 Cross Necklace - £26.00
 Quartz Necklace - £36.00
 Quartz Necklace - £30.00

This jewellery is so beautiful, unique and they are all quality items with silver and gold plated chains.  To purchase go to or email GET SHOPPING xxxxxx

Lose yourself with La Luce

 The Antoinette - £7.99
 The Celena - £8.99
 The Fiona - £10.00
 The Sophia - £11.00
 The Sophia - £11.00
 The Harlow - £20.00
 The Harlow - £20.00
The Dakota - £15.00

 The Sienna - £10.99
The Jayda - £22.00

I am very happy to say La Luce is now on Fashion Food .  Please email or go online to purchase.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Birds and Bows

Bird and Bow pendant - £8.99
please email if you are looking to buy and remember to look at the website

The Key is Time.....

Please email if you are interested in the silver key earrings.  Also don't forget to have a look at the website

Thursday, 21 July 2011

New Designer.... New Collection

This is just a preview of the new collection coming to Fashion Food by a brand new designer VOOOO. Items should all be up for sale by 26th July but pre-ordering is now available by emailing


Saturday, 9 July 2011

Skulls and bones are harder than sticks and stones

Please email: or comment if you're interested in this SKULL NECKLACE.
Thank youuuuu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Disco Balls on chains make me go insane

This necklace is made from a chain with hook clasps to fasten and a diamond like disco ball charm - £8.99.  Please email: or comment if you are interested in this item.

Thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bracelets and beads

Please email: or comment if you're interested in either or both bracelets.
1) Red tie bracelet with Indian style bead - £2.99
2) Orange tie bracelet with butterfly beading - £2.99

Thank youuuuu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Peg it up

Please email: or comment if you're interested in the PEG EARRINGS.
1) Green and blue peg earrings - £4.99
2) Pink and orange peg earrings - £4.99
Thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Caught in Chains

Please comment or email:, if you are interested in any of the pieces.  These are all bracelets.
1) elastic beaded fabric bracelet - £3.99
2) Chained red bracelet - £4.99